About Joe

Mayor Joe Ganim


Joe Ganim was elected to his sixth term as mayor in November of 2015. Since taking office, Mayor Ganim has forged relationships with business leaders, labor, elected officials, community leaders, and clergy to build a better Bridgeport. By working together, Mayor Ganim has been able to achieve a strong record of accomplishment by getting things done to improve the quality of life in Bridgeport. However, more needs to be done. That’s why Mayor Ganim is recommitting himself to another four years of hard work to make Bridgeport the best city in Connecticut. 


Under Mayor Ganim’s leadership, Bridgeport is undergoing major growth and renewal with over $1 billion of new economic projects happening all across the city, from the development of the waterfront to the revitalization of Downtown. Mayor Ganim has included incentives for local hiring in these development projects and his administration has implemented new rules that encourage local and minority business participation in city procurement.


Mayor Ganim has been a champion of providing “Second Chance” employment opportunities for reentering citizens, including supporting “ban the box” legislation on the state and local level and creating the Mayor’s Initiative for  Re-entry Affairs to provide a bridge for returning citizens.


Believing that good environmental policy is good economic policy, Mayor Ganim is developing Bridgeport into a smart city that values green space and sustainability, with investments in clean energy, such as the Eco Technology Park, solar panels, a microgrid and proposed thermal loop for the downtown area.


The first priority of government is to keep its citizens safe and that’s what Mayor Ganim has been doing. Under Mayor Ganim’s leadership, over 100 new police officers have been added to the Bridgeport Police Department to ensure that every citizen in every neighborhood can live, work, and raise a family in a safe environment. Additionally, the Police Department has added new technologies to increase response times and body and dash cameras for improved safety and increased accountability.


High property taxes are a major burden to every community in Connecticut—especially large urban cities such as Bridgeport. It is an unfair tax system that Mayor Ganim has forcefully spoken against. But Mayor Ganim has done more than talk about it—he has held the line on and, this year, reduced property taxes in Bridgeport. Mayor Ganim knows more needs to be done to reduce the property tax burden on homeowners and this will continue to be a major priority for Mayor Ganim.


While the state has grossly underfunded Bridgeport schools, Mayor Ganim’s administration is committed to the construction of new, modern schools, including the construction of a new Bassick High School. Working with educators, teachers, and other mayors, Mayor Ganim will continue to lobby the governor and state legislature for greater financial support for Bridgeport and other urban school systems. And the Mayor will continue to address the needs of our youth, by continuing the fund the Mayor’s Summer Youth Initiative and summer youth employment.


Mayor Ganim is dedicated to building a better Bridgeport where no neighborhood or resident is left behind. Bridgeport is a city in transition and there are tangible signs of progress. Together, under Mayor Ganim’s leadership, Bridgeport will continue to build on this progress and become a regional destination for working, living, dining, and entertainment.